In a world where your tech, privacy, and security are becoming increasingly valuable, and hackers unrelenting to get access, it is important to evaluate your own personal tech safety. If you value your privacy and security, this information will be of interest to you. Freedom of the Press has designed an open source project with the Guardian Project that has a singular purpose: personal security. "Haven" as the app is called, has many features that will be explained in detail below.

Haven is a free and open source application that runs on Android devices and utilizes the various technologies that mobile devices contain (accelerometers, cameras, microphones, vibration pieces, and more). Haven can detect unauthorized individuals who attempt to access your personal gadgets, such as a laptop on your desk when you're away.

Images from Guardian Project

The microphone is used to measure the sound level, and the threshold can be managed by the user (the overall sensitivity of sound triggering an alert) Camera can be used to detect motion, and see unauthorized people should they come near your devices — which will send you an instant notification. Logs can be stored with all of the alerts that were triggered in the event, so that you can review history at any time.

It is designed to use some of the most secure technologies in the world, primarily two that you may have heard of:

  • Signal is praised by the security community as one of the most trustworthy communication platforms currently available, both for messaging and calls. It's Open Source, has end-to-end encryption, and has a very modern and easy to use design. It's available for both iOS and Android.
  • Tor has a wide variety of purposes, and can help users remain anonymous online by sending you through multiple servers before being sent to your final destination. Both technologies have strong encryption, which can keep you safe while monitoring your devices from wherever you like.

Alerts are designed to be as secure as possible, so they send via the Signal app with end-to-end encryption for ultimate security. If you do not have access to data or an internet connection, you can configure the alerts to be sent via traditional SMS (text messaging) but it is vastly less secure and only be used in rare cases.

You can visit the official Guardian project GitHub page here to download the tool and view the source code: download page. Note that the current version is a Beta release.

Will you be giving Haven a try? What do you think of its goals, is it a practical tool for everyday users? Let us know in the comments below!

via AndroidPolice