The Windows Phone aficionados amongst you might remember Windows Phone Internals by XDA developer and Windows Phone god Heathcliff74, a tool that allowed users with specific Lumia devices to flash custom ROMs with the help of a secure boot exploit. While the memory of the hacks it achieved may be lost in your memory – seeing as the last version of Windows Phone Internals was released 2 years ago – the tool has remained in active but covert development; and today, Windows Phone Internals 2.2 has launched with a truly momentous claim to fame.

You read the title correctly. Bootloader unlocking via secure boot bypass is now possible on all Lumia devices, including the X5X generation.

Windows Phone Internals 2.2 brings some enormous additions to the tool. Aside from beating the current secureboot implementation, it allows for custom ROMs, access to Mass Storage Mode, full root access, interop and capability unlocking and much more on all Windows Phone 8 and Windows 10 Mobile-based Lumia devices. A new downloads section is also present within the utility, allowing you to easily fetch any stock ROMs, drivers or other necessary utilities for you to get started from within the UI.

Previously such hacks were only possible on the X2X generation of Lumia devices, such as the famous Nokia Lumia 520 (which a particular developer managed to boot Android on.) However, now that root access and an unlocked bootloader is available across the board of Lumia phones, it's very possible that despite the death of Windows Phone, we see a reinvigoration of the Lumia developer community. Flashing custom builds of Windows 10 Mobile such as ones that include the Astoria Android subsystem, or even flashing Android, may now be possible on your ageing Windows Phone.

So maybe Windows Phones – or at least the Lumias – aren't quite dead after all.

Download Windows Phone Internals 2.2

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