According to reports from The Investor, which has emerged alongside of the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+'s specification finalisation (that comes with the phone's move into pilot production), Samsung is now scrapping its plans to use display-embedded fingerprint scanning technology on the Samsung Galaxy S9's display, and is instead opting to go with the same conventional route of mounting a fingerprint sensor to the rear of the device tat they took last year.

The Investor cites technical issues as the chief cause of this omission, as the problems associated with implementing this new technology and preparing it for the hands of the consumer are manifold. While "low yields" were the reason given for last year's sudden swerve from the plan, it seems Samsung has had little success in bringing the tech to market this year either. They add that Samsung "[has been] struggling to find places to install modules and sensors […] which were previously located under the bezels", indicating yet more engineering challenges that Samsung may have been facing when preparing this device for the masses.

However, the report also clarifies that Samsung have no intention of going the Apple route and discarding the fingerprint sensor altogether; due to the dependency of many of Samsung's software services on biometric authentication, they are choosing to stick with fingerprints for the forseeable future. And Samsung has not given up hope,either; they reportedly hope to ready an in-display fingerprint scanner for the Galaxy Note 9, the successor to the Galaxy Note 8, which is likely to be announced in August 2018. However, it still seems as if Samsung will not be the first to market with an in-screen fingerprint sensor, which is the move they've made in order to preserve what they view as a quality user experience.

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Via The Investor