The Dex icon theme available for KDE brings design elements from the Samsung Galaxy S8 to the Linux OS. Dex utilizes a "squircle" shape for most of its app icons, which is somewhat similar to the Ubuntu Suru icon theme. The difference between the two is where Suru uses its container for intricate icon designs, Dex implements higher contrast logos and wireframe glyphs resulting in a clean, concise look.

Busy icons like Chrome and Blender standout, although the visually strongest icons are those that contain wireframe outlines like Dolphin or Settings, or have a high contrast design like Firefox or VLC.

Unframed wire outlines can be found for system items and functions, including session buttons and nav controls, but this helps to balance the visual appeal of the theme.

The Dex Icon set is available as a free download from the KDE Store. To install icon themes in KDE Plasma you'll need to extract the archive downloaded, and then move the named folder inside to ~/.local/share/icons.

You may also need to activate hidden files in Dolphin (or the file manager you use) to make this folder visible. To change the icon theme on KDE Plasma, navigate to System Settings > Appearance > Icons and select your desired icon theme from the list.

The author of the Dex Icon Theme has also designed a clock theme widget for Conky, inspired by the one found in the Samsung Experience. It's called Conky Dex and is also available from the KDE Store as a free download.

What do you think about this Icon Theme for the KDE? Is it worth a test drive?

via omgUbuntu