We previously covered Jolla's plans to release Sailfish OS for the Sony Xperia X under the moniker Sailfish X. The mobile operating system, based off of Nokia's old MeeGo project, is highly divisive; you either love it or hate it, and based off of device sales of their previous mobile partnership ventures with Fairphone and Intex, there has never been a consumer consensus on Sailfish OS. However, today is the day for the lovers of this OS. Sailfish fans can rejoice, as Jolla has finally opened shop for Sailfish X sales.

The Sailfish X product page and the Jolla shop are finally live – just in time for their planned October 11th rollout. The software will run you €49.90 (approx. $60) and is currently only available in the EU and the European Economic Area (you scraped it in somehow, Britain). The largest development in this story between the initial reveal and now, however, is the announcement that you will not be obligated to use Linux in order to flash Sailfish X onto your Sony Xperia X. That's right, Jolla is enabling the use of a Java-based application known as "Emma" to install Sailfish X on your Xperia X smartphone. As this was one of the biggest hurdles that discouraged potential users from flashing Sailfish X (other than, of course, the price tag), the removal of this hindrance will definitely draw in more users and enthusiasts looking to test out a new operating system on their device.

Sailfish OS, as mentioned above, is a project that emerged from Nokia's dying MeeGo mobile operating system project. It offers itself as an alternative to Android that combines the best of Google's operating system (read: existing application base and widespread developer support) and throws a custom Linux kernel and an ingenuitive proprietary UX into the mix, to sweeten the deal. It is worth noting, however, that it will not run all Android applications – some apps lack compatibility with Sailfish X, which is a potential turn-off for many-a-user.

Additionally, those few who possess Jolla Tablet vouchers can grab Sailfish X for their devices now through the Jolla Tablet voucher scheme. Thelikely reason for this scheme, which is randomly distributing Sailfish X vouchers to the backers of the Jolla Tablet) is the inability of such a small company to issue refunds to all the original backers at once. Whichever way, we're happy to see Jolla taking responsibility for their past failure and compensating their backers while also moving forward, into newer ventures with potentially better prospects.

So what do you guys think? Will you be trying out Sailfish X on your Sony Xperia X? Are you excited to see Sailfish OS making a comeback? Do you want to see Sailfish OS on your own phone? Drop a comment below to let us know what you think, or post over in the forums for help and support with the installation process.

via XDA