Jolla has collaborated with Sony to deliver their Sailfish operating system to the Sony Xperia X, under the new title of Sailfish X. The software image will need to be flashed via a Linux terminal (though they are working on a more streamlined solution that will be available in the near future).

However, don't expect this to be a free download from your enthusiast site of choice – Jolla is going to be charging €49.90 (including VAT) for the software image. Sales will open on the 27th of September in Europe and the image will be available by October 11th.

On the brighter side of things, you're getting quite a few extra perks for your hard-earned cash that you may not expect to find with any run-of-the-mill custom ROM. These include:

  • Android support, predictive text input, and MS Exchange support as downloads from Jolla Store to your device
  • Software updates for one year, after which a continuation program will follow
  • Clear instructions and dedicated support for downloads & installation
  • Jolla Customer Care

There are a few conditions and compromises that come with this package. For instance, a single-SIM variant of the Xperia X with an unlocked bootloader is required. Furthermore, a series of stability issues and bugs are present in the initial release – and some features and sensors such as the fingerprint scanner, the barometer, the step tracker and FM radio functionality may not ever be supported. This will undoubtedly disgruntle many users who wish to use this device with Sailfish OS as a daily driver, and will sorely miss these features. However, the extent to which the OS is optimised on the Xperia X is unquestionably impressive, and we're excited to see what Jolla bring to the table next. In addition to the aforementioned, Jolla plans on open-sourcing part of the operating system, to allow for tweaks, custom builds and third-party modifications; something we are very excited to see.

What do you think? Would you be willing to fork out €50 for a mobile operating system? Are you excited to see Jolla's next move? Let us know in the comments, or post over in the forums with your thoughts!