We recently reported that a jailbreak had released for iOS 10.2.1 devices, dubbed Saigon Jailbreak. There was a catch though, you could only jailbreak with a Mac, as it had to be installed via a Xcode project. This is no longer the case with the jailbreak having been uploaded in the form of a .IPA package.

This jailbreak was nothing short of a team effort, comprised of exploits by Luca Todesco, Adam Donenfield, xerub, Ian Beer, siguza, and Tim Michaud. Thanks to all of these developers you can now jailbreak your 10.2.1 device.

However, the updated Saigon jailbreak only shows support for the following devices on the following firmware:

  • iPhone 6/Plus (10.2.1)
  • iPhone SE (10.2.1) (not tested)
  • iPhone 6s (10.2.1) (not tested)
  • iPad Air 2 Wifi (10.2.1) (not tested)
  • iPhone 6s (10.3.1) (not yet)

We previously reported that this jailbreak works on all 64-bit devices, so it seems something may have changed. So while it may work for these devices, there is no guarantee that this jailbreak will work reliably on untested devices, like the iPhone 7, so be advised to try this at your own risk. The release of a new jailbreak, as always, proves that jailbreaking is not "quite dead" even if the community isn't as big as it used to be. This is a big deal for anyone in the jailbreak community, giving hope that newer iOS versions such as iOS 10.3 and iOS 11 can still be hacked.

It is interesting to note that the iPhone 6S can supposedly be jailbroken on 10.3.1, we are not sure if this is a typo at this time.

The installation process is pretty simple, just plug your device into your computer, open Cydia Impactor, drag the IPA file into the window, and install it. If you are unclear on how to do that, see the official Saigon website for directions. You can grab this update from the link below:

What do you guys think? Will you be jailbreaking your 10.2.1 device? Let us know in the comments section.