More often than not, developers tend to experiment with the security of iOS without public releases.

iOS 10.3.3 has been out for many months at this point with no indication of a jailbreak materialising anytime soon.

That changes now as the famous developer S1guza, known for his work with Phoænix Jailbreak, has publicly released an exploit which successfully gains root access on iOS 10.3.3.

While this doesn't necessarily mean that the firmware can now be jailbroken, it most definitely is a huge step forward for breaking the security of iOS 10.3.3.

The developer is still actively working on the exploit which is yet another bright indicator. Many security researchers tend to drop unfinished exploits then let the unknowing community handle the rest which usually doesn't result in anything positive.

For the time being, the exploit works on all 64bit iPhones, with the exclusion of the iPhone 7. S1guza has confirmed that he is indeed planning on bringing iPhone 7 and 7 Plus support to the exploit in the near future:

Taking into consideration that many previous iOS 10 exploits have been reported to still work all the way up until iOS 10.3.3, the addition of S1guza's exploit should finally let people on firmwares 10.3 to 10.3.3 finally experience Cydia and the thousands of tweaks on their devices.

While these news are definitely encouraging, looking at the time it took hackers to gain root access on iOS 10.3.3, it's definitely a poor period for jailbreak users with our repository archiving the other day and others doing the same.

What do you think? Is the jailbreak community slowly crawling back to its former glory? Let us know in the comments below!