Up until now, it has been virtually impossible to activate a PS Vita running firmware 3.60, and these devices have been unable to use the Playstation Network — even to download your legally owned games. A developer known as CelesteBlue has tackled the issue with a plugin called "ReNpDrm".

ReNpDrm includes two utilities for your homebrew unlocked PS Vita:

The first is called ReStore, which will restore access to the Playstation Network on your PS Vita running 3.60. This will allow you to play games online, and download your owned games that have been purchased on the PSN.

The second, as described by Wololo;

The second plugin, ReNpDrm, lets you use fake activation data to keep the console "locally" activated, which will let you play the games you legally own, even if your console has been deactivated. This is useful for people whose vita has been deactivated.

This tool enables your device to run as though it was on the latest firmware, however, there are a few differences between this and the real thing. This will not allow you to play games that require the latest version. ReNpDrm does not give you the ability to download or play games you have not already purchased through the playstation network.

Interested in seeing the official developer showcase of ReNpDrm? Check it out down below:

You can download the plugin at this page. Here are the official instructions on how to use:

  1. Download both restore.suprx and renpdrm.skprx;
  2. Copy these 2 files to ur0:tai/ (using FTP or USB or any way);
  3. Open ux0:tai/config.txt if this file exists, or else ur0:tai/config.txt;
  4. Under *ALL line, write : ur0:tai/restore.suprx Under *KERNEL line, write : ur0:tai/renpdrm.skprx Save the file
  5. Reboot PSVita;
  6. You can now use the PSStore and activate your PSVita from the Settings app under PlayStation Network.

Are you excited about this? Let us know in the comments if you end up downloading and trying this out!

via Wololo