The PSVita has a decent battery as is. You rarely need to juice it up during some gaming. However, it's not enough for the Reddit user going by the name of RooZx. After some research, he managed to fit a whopping 6000mAh battery in his PSVita, all without sacrificing the thickness of the device.

6000mAh is almost three times as big as the original 2210mAh the PSVita 1000-series ship with. The user has not provided any information on the model of the PSVita, however, we assume it's a 1000-series device based on the components one can see in the photo below.

He notes that he had to remove a "shitload" of plastic in order to fit the battery in the case of the device, which is not surprising as the PSVita is tight on space as is.

He has tested the device and it seems like the experiment was successful. The battery works as expected as the user did manage to pass the 1000mAh discharge. They promised an update on the matter, but we haven't seen one so we can either assume that the device is working correctly and the creator just forgot to update the /r/VitaHacks subreddit or that he has encountered issues with the device and is attempting to fix them before updating on the project.

What do you think? Would you want a 6000mAh battery in your PSVita? Let us know in the comments below!