Qwertyoruiopz is the person behind the (in)famous iOS 10 jailbreak dubbed "Yalu" and has shown his knowledge before with other systems like the Nintendo Switch. Today, he tweeted success at achieving root access in iOS 11 using a WebKit exploit:

This is particularly good news because it means that there is a possibility of a Safari-based jailbreak for iOS 11, however, as Todesco earlier claimed to leave the jailbreak community, we are unsure if this ever materialises into something or if the exploit will be publicly available for other developers to actually utilise it for a jailbreak.

If you think the possibility of Todesco not releasing an iOS 11 jailbreak is bad, think again. This is a very promising indication that there are undiscovered exploits in iOS 11 (duh) and that they may one day surface for us to be able to jailbreak our devices once again.

Unfortunately, due to Apple's Bug Bounty Program, a lot of hackers have decided to sell these exploits to Apple instead, and there is nothing denying the possibility of Todesco doing the same thing. All we can do for now is to wait and see.

Keep in mind that an iOS 11 jailbreak has already been demoed before by KEENLAB, which just further proves that there are always exploits in iOS, and any other system for that matter.

What do you think? Do you think Todesco will release an iOS 11 jailbreak sooner or later? Let us know in the comments below!