Apple introduced the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar in October of last year, people either loved it or loved to hate it. Despite critics, Apple saw a small uptick in Mac sales in the fourth quarter of 2016. This is speculated to be due to the Touch Bar. Jailbreak tweak developer LaughingQuoll decided to bring similar features to iOS.

His tweak, dubbed 'TouchBar' settles in on the bottom of your screen and makes itself at home.

If you're a fan of Android or the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar this tweak is definitely for you

Like all things, this tweak is not for everyone. Yet, the intended audience should be happy with the features it brings to the table. Users are able to customise where each view appears. When on the Lock Screen, the 'Music' view can be set for easy access to media controls. Or the 'Control' view to change the volume and brightness if the Control Center isn't preferred. This is nice if using a case that makes it difficult to flick up from the bottom of the screen.

Looking at TouchBar's preferences

After heading into the preferences pane, users will see three sections. They all have similar options with one difference. The 'Application Bar' section has an extra menu for enabling or disabling TouchBar per app. This is useful if there are apps that users don't want it to appear in.

There are three toggles that all sections share. 'Enable Transparency' and 'Enable Button Transparency' are self-explanatory. With 'Reforce Section' enabled, TouchBar will go back to the default view after exiting an app. Users are also able to resize the TouchBar to their liking via a slider at the bottom of preferences.


Currently, there are a few tweaks that TouchBar is incompatible with. Harbor and Cercube, both of these will cause a respring loop. To fix this, hold volume up during and after you press 'Go' in Yalu until the home screen comes up. Thanks to Redditor TheSwag777 for the tip.

There are also problems that stem from how the tweak has to resize apps. Causing apps to not be able to rotate into landscape mode, the only fix for this is disabling TouchBar for the app. Unfortunately, there isn't anything to be done about this, it is what it is.