When the news about the possibility of changing the fonts of the PSVita broke out, a lot of users were really happy that they could finally spice up that UI a little. Unfortunately, it turns out that it can be a very dangerous idea.

The hacker going by the name of SKGleba noticed that reinstalling the firmware of the PSVita using the safe mode may not be possible after installing an incompatible font. This means that the device gets's bricked and becomes a pretty paperweight.

We strongly advise users to not change the system fonts as it may not be worth the risk. If you happen to sit on a big pile of PSVitas and don't mind ruining the device, then you can go ahead with the instructions below, however, nobody other than you takes the responsibility of what could happen.

1) Download any '.otf' font.

2) Rename your font to ltn0.pvf

3) Install the plugin unmount

4) Restart your Vita

5) Open FTP and drag ltn0.pvf from sa0:data/font/pvf/ into a save place.

6) Drag you new ltn0.pvf intosa0:data/font/pvf/

7) Disable the unmount plugin and restart.

While changing the font may be a very exciting thing, paying for a new PSVita which probably comes with a firmware that can't be hacked, is not as exciting. Developers are already working on a safer method of changing the font, so holding off may be worth it.

Have you had luck changing your font on the PSVita? Let us know in the comments below.

via Wololo