Version 2.0 of psvpfstools has been released by Motoharu, the hacker and author of the toolset — it is designed to decrypt the PFS filesystem for PS Vita devices. The toolset was created because "In the past the only good way to do this was to mount PFS for example in Vita Shell and let PS Vita to decrypt the files.", Motoraru says.

It is compatible with both Windows and Ubuntu. The github repository for the toolset has detailed instructions on how to use it for both Operating Systems.

The full changelog from the creator of the tool:

  • Support of icv.db format (savedata, trophies etc)
  • Keystone and Sealedkey parsing and Keystone sanity check
  • Complete rewrite of unicv.db parser (to accomodate icv.db)
  • Support of Merkle trees (related to icv.db)
  • Cleanup and improvement of crypto engine (more reversing done)
  • Improvement of different places in the code that had unknown behavior (reversing)
  • Bug fixes that were in previous versions

The tool has support for 3.61+ games, as well as gamedata, savedata, appmeta, and more. It underwent vigorous testing prior to the 2.0 release. If you decide to try it out and find any bugs, be sure to report it through their official channel. The creator also credits several other members in the community with helping get the project to where it is today.


Get the toolset now

If you own a PSVita and are interested in trying this out, let us know how it goes in the comments below!

via Wololo