Some of you might remember VSH, from the heyday of the PSP hacking scene. For those of you who don't remember, the VSH menu was a key feature of custom firmware for the PSP, as it allowed for easy access to a multitude of features including overclocking and underclocking, changing ISO drivers, booting into recovery etc. all under one menu; allowing for simple and on-the-fly modifications. A PS Vita equivalent was released recently by developer joel16, with some additional functionality such as extended options and minor customisation to boot - and now, it has received an updated.

The update bumps PSV VSH Menu up to version 1.1 and adds some further useful functionality to the menu. The largest addition here is that of further clock speed config support. What config support enables is that it allows the user to save their current CPU/GPU clock states in a specific game, which will be re-loaded once the plugin has started; meaning you don't have to trouble yourself with setting custom CPU or GPU clock speeds every single time you boot up the same game. Additional, this new version also enables VITABATTERY integration; meaning you no longer need to install both PSV VSH Menu and VITABATTERY both. The feature allows the enabling or disabling of the battery percent indicator on the top right corner of the device display, which may be useful for ensuring a more immersive in-game experience.

Aside from that, minimal customisation options for the Vita are now accessible in the menu in a similar fashion to Ultimate VSH Menu on the PSP, and you can now quick-launch into programs like the Settings or VitaShell directly from the VSH menu, which can save a decent bit of time. All things considered, this is a fairly substantial update which is worth grabbing for your PS Vita.

Installation is a quick process:

  1. Start by downloading and installing the vsh_recovery.vpk file. (You can download it from the GitHub link below)
  2. Place vsh.suprx in the ux0:/tai folder.
  3. Open config.txt, and add the following syntax depending on how you wish to configure your PS Vita:

If you want PSV VSH running for all titles:

If you want PSV VSH running on a specific title:
* titleid for your application
* VID000162

Now that you're done, all you have to do is mash L + R + START to bring up the menu at any time!

You can grab PSV VSH Menu from the GitHub link below:

What do you guys think? Will you grab this for your PS Vita? Do you find features like this useful? Or does this just take you back to the PSP days? Let us know in the comments, or post over on our forums with your thoughts.

via Wololo