After Sony recently announcing that they will stop giving away free games for PS3 and PSVita on the PlayStation Plus starting next year, the underground PS3 community as well as regular gamers have given up all hope of anything good coming for the console.

Of course, that was until the PS3Xploit team released a 3.0 for their set of tools—nicknamed "HAN"—a homebrew enabler, named that way in reference to etHANol and the acronym HEN which stands for Homebrew ENabler within the underground console hacking community. The tools support both official firmware versions 4.81 and 4.82 and are available for every model of PS3, including the previously thought unhackable Slim and Super Slim models of the console.

But what are those tools, exactly?

HAN includes six tools used to re-sign packages for the PS3 and run said packages on the console afterwards. Essentially, this will allow you to run unsigned PS3 backups as well as PSP, PS1 and PS2 games from within the embedded emulator of the console.

"The first tool, on the PC side, ps3xploit_rifgen_edatresign.exe, should be used to generate rif files and create new signed_act.dat. You should place the act.dat/idps.hex, previously dumped with HAN ACT/IDPS Dumper, in the resigner directory and drag matching rap file for your game onto the executable file. Then rename the new "signed_act.dat" to "act.dat" and place it on USB drive along with the new rif file. The files are now ready to be pushed to the PS3 using the HAN ACT/RIF Copier.​"

The other tools which are to be used on the PS3 side include the HAN Installer, the HAN Enabler, the HAN ACT/IDPS Dumper, the HAN ACT/RIF Copier and finally, the HAN Debug PKG Enabler.

It's recommended to run PS3Xploit Tools v3.0 from a spare PSN user account and not your main one, just in case anything happens.

"The 'HAN' project is solely relying on userland exploitation to provide digital backups support for the majority of PS3 Games as well as PS1/PS2/PSP Emulators (within the ps3 firmware) and the ability to install PKG files from USB. PS3 PKG Game backups need to be prepared using TABR like technique and only ps3 games having an available "game update" are supported."

For more details on how to use each tool, check out the source link below.

via psx-place