PS3 Developer esc0rtd3w announced last week he's been working on a hack, codenamed PS3Xploit, for the PS3 4.81 firmware with a tentative release around Christmas. Unfortunately, someone leaked a portion of his work soon afterward. Most PS3 enthusiast sites attempted to contain the leak by refusing to share download links. Individuals that were able to secure a download confirmed the leak was in fact legitimate.

Despite the breach, the development team associated with PS3Xploit have confirmed it is still in the works. They released an IDPS Dumper for 4.81 and shared some details on what users can expect on the site psx-place.

For starters, the IDPS dumper is running on the latest 4.81 firmware and the latest version of the tool, 0.2.1, will work with all PS3 models, including the Super Slim. The IDPS is a unique console identifier and has been used to decrypt the encrypted contents of the PS3 hard drive or "un-ban" a console.

Users should never disclose their IDPS with other people on public forums or channels because someone could steal an IDPS to get their console un-banned, burying the code, and rendering it useless for the original owner. The 4.81 IDPS dumper is available for download at psx-place.

Additional announcements from the PS3Xploit team include:

  • A flash memory dumper being released soon for all models.

  • Consoles that are CFW compatible may soon be able to downgrade their software.

  • Upon release, downgrades are expected to be compatible with most models.

  • Users with newer consoles, Super Slims and certain models of Slims, will not be able to install CFW or downgrade. However, the team expects to begin work on a "HEN" type of in-ram exploit for those models starting in March.

Bguerville of the PS3Xploit team released the following statement:

"For now the main project we are working on will not jailbreak all consoles. It will enable flash dumps from all consoles but flash write only to all consoles up to 25xx, so consoles that are are not cfw compatible will not really benefit just yet, except for dumping flash & idps but not for JB.

For those with CFW compatible consoles on OFW, once flash is overwritten with a db OFW copy, a user can reboot then install the CFW of their choice. Hardware flashers being then obsolete... You could also overwrite the flash memory in more recent consoles but that would result in a brick due to metldr2.

It's only after that flash management project is done, in hopefully March that we will begin working on exploiting lv2. If we get the results we wish, we should be able to make a TaiHEN type of hack for all consoles including superslims."

Note: 25xx are the 2010 PS3 Slim models, and 30xx are the 2011 Slim models.

PSX-Place recommends that upgrades are not performed beyond version 4.81. The leak likely provided Sony with enough information to know what to patch for this hack and release updated firmware.

Leave a comment below and let us know if you're waiting for the full release of this exploit.

Via Wololo