Earlier today, Sony released firmware 3.67 for the PS Vita. This was an unexpected release since basic device support is no longer offered by the company. It's been six months since the last firmware update was released for the Vita, which was version 3.65.

There is no official announcement of the update on Sony's website, but it was later confirmed the changes included an update to the Calendar icon, enhanced Twitter dialog, and new Wifi chip firmware.

PS Vita hacker, Yifanlu, stated the changes to the WiFi firmware is probably meant to fix the KRACK WiFi exploit discovered a couple months ago.

Some sites reported the release could be an attempt to fix piracy issues, but that's unlikely due to previous firmware versions 3.60, 3.61, 3.63, and 3.65, not impacted by pirating. However, it is possible the update patches exploits and vulnerabilities that could be combined with other hacks and jailbreak the software.

Yifanlu stated "If you are currently on 3.65 do not update to 3.67 because it may (not confirmed) have fixed an exploit. It is useless on its own, but paired with an exploit chain, it would allow for persistence. No, I don't have such a chain."

Be sure if you own a PS vita that you avoid updating if you want CFW on your device.

What do you think Sony's intention is with firmware update 3.67? Are they trying to patch vulnerabilities they've found?

via Wololo