PPSSPP, the popular PSP game emulator available for Android, has recieved a large update. The application, which allows users to play backed up PSP games (that were obtained in completely legal methods, of course), is in active development and has over 10 million downloads as well as a large supporter base of fans and enthusiasts looking to recreate the fun of PSP gaming on mobile devices.

This update brings a series of significant changes and additions to the utility, including:

  • Full Vulkan support. Very fast on supported devices.
  • Partial PSP GPS and camera support (reason for the new permissions!)
  • Support for Arabic
  • Fix Android widgets, screen scaling
  • Geometry problems fixed in Medal of Honor
  • Implement immediate draws, fixing Thrillville
  • Hardware tesselation of PSP Beziers and Splines (used by a few games)
  • Sustained performance mode to avoid thermal throttling
  • Assorted bugfixes and compatibility improvements

The most notable improvement here is the addition of Vulkan support. Vulkan, as most of you are likely aware, is a graphics API that allows software more direct access to GPU hardware, allowing for much better performance in certain games and on supported devices. Tn this case, most devices with Android Nougat should suffice, and many can expect to see a substantial performance boost.

Aside from that, there is the addition of partial camera and GPS support (useful features in some games) as well as for Arabic language text. You can grab it here:

What do you guys think? Will you give this emulator a shot to ignite some of that old nostalgia? Let us know in the comments, or post over on the forums with your thoughts.

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