The PlayStation 4 hacking scene has seen increasing development over the past few months with jailbreaks getting released and homebrew evolving on the console. This time, it's much bigger as the ability to run PlayStation 2 .ISO files has been achieved on PlayStation 4 Firmware 4.05.

free-ps2-pub-gen is a tool released by the developer CFWProphet which has a good record of developing for Sony systems. The tool essentially allows you to embed an .ISO file for a PlayStation 2 game inside a PS2-PS4 (PlayStation 2 game re-released for the PlayStation 4) package and run it from there.

You can see the game is running smoothly and stable as the underlying emulation layer was developed by Sony themselves. The tool doesn't provide its own emulation technology but used the polished and production-ready emulation found already in the system, however, users have reported issues with some games which is to be expected.

Thankfully, the developer has stated that he is still working on this and an update is coming soon.

It's possibly the biggest achievement that has seen the light of day in terms of Sony console hacking since the initial PlayStation 4.05 jailbreak. While not insanely useful, it definitely satisfies many enthusiasts out there as running old games on modern systems is one of the most highly requested features gamers have nowadays.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you excited to run old childhood franchises on your modern PlayStation 4? Chime in the comments below!