If you own an Android TV, you may have grown used to the same user interface on the Google Play Music app. The UI has remained mostly the same since the platform released a few years ago but is finally receiving a complete design overhaul. The makeover comes after the YouTube Android TV app received a design change earlier this summer. The core functionality isn't changing too much but the new interface has a much cleaner, modern layout. The revised look is part of the v8.1 update for Play Music.

The first noticeable difference is the pitch black background that was previously grey. The navigation panel has been changed from bright orange to white. Navigating the app has been simplified and a new search button makes finding your favorite music a lot easier.

The "now playing" and "playlist" screens have also been updated. These changes shed some of the Material Design elements that were previously accessible, but the end result is visually better than the interface of the last three years. Certain features like "start radio" aren't as prominent in v8.1, but they are still accessible on the home screen and other locations like "playlist views."

Smaller changes exist throughout the app, and even though you won't come across any helpful new features, the design change is definitely a welcomed addition. The update looks as if the focus was on a streamlined UI that resembles the online Play Music interface.

It's likely the regular Play Music app, currently, on v7.12, will see a design refresh in the near future. The Android TV update should be rolling out now to the Google Play Store, but if you prefer not to wait, you can download the APK here.

Do you own an Android TV? Are you excited for the redesigned layout? Drop a comment and let us know.

Via AP