The debate surrounding iOS or Android as the superior system has always been rooted in user preference. Customisation is quite limited on Apple's operating system, whereas Android offers seemingly limitless customisation options.

Google has typically limited the level of customisation offered to their native apps and left that up to 3rd party launchers and devs, but an update to a popular widget found on many home screens will receive some fresh design options.

The latest Google search app has taken quite a leap in this regard, adding the Pixel-style search bar and providing users the option to personalise it to their liking. An overflow menu on the right lists a "customise" option. Tapping this will take you to a new user interface with four options lined horizontally along the bottom of the screen.

The first choice allows you to select either the G icon as your bar logo, or the word "Google."

The second option changes the overall shape of the search bar, going all the way from the classic shape to the new, Pixel-esque shape. The third option can change the color scheme.

The last option is a transparency slider.

When you update to the Google app beta 7.14.15 you should see the new widget, but if not, you'll need to be sure you're using the official search bar from the Google app and not a third-party one from a launcher.

Please not that if you download the new app, you may not see the overflow menu. Users have reported mixed results about the new feature and at this time, compatibility can vary by the type of device being used. For example, some Pixel 2 users do not have the "customize" option, but some Note 8 owners are reporting success. The app will be rolling out to the Play Store, but you can grab the APK file here if you would prefer not to wait.

Drop a comment and let us know how you're planning on customising your search bar.

Via AndroidUnfiltered