OnePlus 3

The most major and instantaneously apparent change in this update is the change in the display calibration. The OnePlus 3 was initially criticised for lack of colour accuracy, and this update should remedy this. This update modifies the default colour profile to ensure it covers more of the sRGB colour space. While this may displease some users who preferred the vibrancy of the initial profile, it will please many others – such as content creators and photographers – who prefer true-to-life colour reproduction over vibrant, bright pictures.

Another slightly controversial change is the "Shot on OnePlus" watermark that is now enabled by default in the camera app; a feature many OnePlus 5 users reported as being unnecessary and obnoxious. It can easily be disabled in the camera app settings. However, if you enjoy showing off your shiny new OnePlus phone and its camera to your friends and family, be sure to keep the toggle on for maximum insufferability.

Some minor UI-related additions and improvements have also been piled on to this update, such as:

  • Adding the battery level indicator on the lift-up ambient display.
  • Making the contacts page in the default phone app easier to navigate, by putting an alphabetical bar on the right side.
  • Adding support for irregular alarm schedules in the default clock app, through a feature known as the "alarm calendar"
  • Support for hiding notifications from apps that have been locked by the OnePlus App locker.

There have also been a series of behind-the-scenes stability fixes and improvements, such as:

  • Enhanced stability when using Parallel apps
  • Improved location accuracy in the Weather app, and improvements to the city search experience
  • Reduced loading times inside the Gallery app
  • Update to the Android security patch level from August

This build is being touted as a stable one, so you shouldn't expect to encounter too many issues. However, OnePlus have reported one frequent bug that users may expect to encounter:

"Immediately following the update, you might not be able to turn on the flashlight. Please reboot the device and normal functionality will be restored."

If you're interested in getting your hands on this build, head over to this link to see the changelog and download the ROM. Devices already in the Open Beta update ring should start to receive it OTA over the coming hours.

What do you think of this build? Does it improve your OnePlus 3 and/or 3T experience, or does it add unnecessary changes to a perfectly functional device? Let us know what you think in the comments, or post in our forums with your feedback.

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