Like a quick 90's DOS game fix? Try Titus the Fox, now available in the form of a homebrew application on the PS Vita.

A vast selection of DOS-based games, fangames and open-source titles have been ported to the PS Vita via homebrew recently; from a fangame for The Legend Of Zelda franchise to a full-fledged 68K Macintosh emulator that allows you to play classic titles such as SimCity on your Vita. And it seems that they just keep on coming, as today we've received word that OpenTitus, the open-source game engine for games such as Titus the Fox/Moktar, has been ported to the PS Vita in the form of a homebrew application.

The game Titus itself is a classic side-scroller style game in which you navigate your way through 15 levels, facing various enemies such as dogs, giant bees, construction workers and others, in a quest to rescue Titus's beloved Suzy, who was kidnapped in the Sahara desert (this doesn't sound like any other cult-classic sidescrolling video game I've ever heard of.) While it may not be the most interesting title out there, we're sure it will appeal to some folk.

Installing the game is fairly straightforward if you're accustomed to the use of custom firmware and VPK files. You'll need the files linked below to proceed, so after you've downloaded them, take a look here for installation instructions:

  1. Install the VPK file on your PS Vita. There's a VPK for the international Titus version and for the French Moktar version, depending on which one you'll prefer to use. Do note that the engine itself does not include the game's data files, so you'll need to either buy the game on GOG or get it from an 'abandonware' site, depending upon your preference.

  2. Copy the included SQZ files to the following directory:
    1ux0:/data/titus (or ux0:/data/moktar for the French version)1
    Additionally, you'll need to copy "music_ttf.bin" (or "music_mok.bin") to the same folder for the game to work. The music files are required for the game to work so make sure you get yourself complete data files or else the game will crash.

And that's it! You should have a working installation of Titus the Fox on your PS Vita. Do you guys think you'll install and play this game? Let us know in the comments, or post over in the forums with your thoughts.

via Wololo