If you're sitting at home with a OnePlus 5 after the OnePlus 5T's release and thinking your device is starting to look a little aged, then fear not; your phone might be getting some of the new features that OnePlus is pioneering on the OnePlus 5T – namely their super-fast face unlock feature that has been making waves over the course of the past few days.

While OnePlus may have initially denied this in an AMA over on the OnePlus forums, new evidence has come forth to contrast this in the form of a leaked Android Oreo build for the OnePlus 5. The build shows a full settings screen for face unlock, including the option to enable the feature, enable auto-unlocking and to remove stored face scans – and according to users over on the XDA Developer forums, the feature seems to be functioning.

Image: XDA

OnePlus recently shed some more light on the feature in a blog post, where they revealed some of the methodologies behind this technology. They mentioned that the method is not "100% secure" and that they would soon be releasing an OTA update to improve the security of the feature – which may have been the update that OnePlus just issued for the OnePlus 5T. Regardless, there is no mention in the post of any specific hardware requirements or specialised hardware that is used in the OnePlus 5T to enable this feature, so the idea of seeing this functionality on the OnePlus 5 does not seem implausible.

It is worth noting that Face Unlock is not intended to be as secure as a fingerprint sensor, and so it doesn't support Android Pay, banking applications, password managers or any other application that uses biometric authentication. To authenticate those, OnePlus says, you'll have to use the fingerprint sensor, and we doubt that will change if the feature finds its way to the OnePlus 5 – or anytime soon, for that matter.

It seems that the jury will be out on this particular rumor next week when the OnePlus 5's official Android Oreo beta will launch. However, the fact that this feature is functioning on a leaked build suggests that even if OnePlus do not official bring the feature to the OnePlus 5, the feature can be ported to an existing OxygenOS build given the right framework modifications, system apps, and vendor libraries are installed. Either way, OnePlus 5 users should be reassured that they have not been left alone out in the cold – the Android developer community has your back.

What do you guys think? Do you think we'll soon see the OnePlus 5 support face unlock, or do you think this was an intended feature that OnePlus has now scrapped? Let us know down in the comments, or post over to our forums with your thoughts.

via XDA

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