OnePlus recently announced new updates for three of their devices, with one of these updates being a patch for the OnePlus 2 that resolves the KRACK WPA2 vulnerability. This security exploit put about 41% of all Android devices at risk of being hacked.

OnePlus also announced a new update for its version of OxygenOS that will bring it to 3.6.1. This update will include general improvements and bug fixes, but the biggest news is its security patch level is now October 2017, which includes the patches for KRACK.

The company has also announced an update for their Oreo Open Beta program. This update addresses some performance optimization and bug fixes for the OnePlus 3 and the OnePlus3T that the company had been working on. The OxygenOS Open betas are available as OTA downloads for users running the previous version.

A few of the updates and bug fixes include:

  • The UserFeedack app has returned allowing users to send reports on bugs they experience.

  • Wifi and Data connectivity have been improved.

  • NFC performance has been improved.

  • The picture-in-Picture mode is more stable and shouldn't cause apps to crash as often.

  • There were reports of user devices heating up under certain circumstances, this update keeps devices running cooler.

  • The missing voicemail tab in the Dialer App has returned.

  • Bugs related to the Ambient display, available storage, notification dot, and other settings have been fixed.

OnePlus stated that users may still experience slower fingerprint actions or random reboots caused by 3rd party applications. Keep in mind though, this is still the beta version and is really only for developers or those who want to get a feel for the new software. It shouldn't be downloaded to use as a daily driver.

Are you currently running a previous build of the OnePlus Open Beta? Do you plan on downloading this latest release? Drop a comment below and let us know how it's working for you.