Just earlier this month OnePlus India accidentally posted a teaser for a collaboration with Marvel studios regarding their upcoming movie Avengers: Infinity War. OnePlus has now gone ahead and confirmed that they will indeed be working on an Avengers-themed version of the OnePlus 6 phone. This announcement for a special OnePlus 6 comes before the date of when the OnePlus 6 will be released. Based on the date Avengers is hitting theaters, April 27, we can expect a release date for the OnePlus 6 to be sometime in May.

OnePlus is making this possible by working with Disney to release the device in India, which unfortunately seems like it means that they won't be sold anywhere else, although I'm sure you'll be able to find them online eventually.

Late last year OnePlus worked with Disney for a Star Wars version of their OnePlus 5T phone. The phone had a Star Wars themed design, with Star Wars content such as wallpapers, themes and even came with a Star Wars case. It is likely that the Avengers-themed OnePlus 6 will have similar features.

OnePlus' statement regarding the collaboration with Marvel Studios:

OnePlus' association with Marvel Studios is a manifestation of the enduring love and support they have garnered from its respective community over the years with a purpose to go beyond the ordinary and achieve groundbreaking innovations in mobile technology only to create the best user experiences.

Although it is disappointing that only India will see the release of this special edition OnePlus 6, at least initially, it is a well thought out marketing play by OnePlus as the Indian subcontinent happens to have a huge fanbase for Marvel.

You can read more about what we know so far regarding the OnePlus 6 here.

Let us know in the comments what you would like to see in this Marvel edition OnePlus 6? Would you pay extra to buy it or just stick with the normal OnePlus 6?