Many people have despised the notch since it was introduced on the Essential PH-1 and iPhone X. Now many manufacturers are following the trend set by these two major manufacturers and incorporating the design into their new phones. The latest company to adopt the notch into their smartphone is OnePlus. Every manufacturer has their own reason for adopting the notch and also adopts in a different way.

Instead of waiting for backlash towards the notch to come up, co-found Carl Pei attempted to explain the reasoning for the notch. Basically, he argued the notch allowed for the notification bar to moved up to the same level as the notch allowing for more real estate when displaying other things on the screen.

Many users weren't convinced by this reason though, they argued that when watching a video the notch still came in the way or when the phone is being used in landscape mode generally. In order to compromise with the argument, Pete Lau says the OnePlus 6 will include a feature similar to the one found in the Huawei P20 which is shown below. The notch will be able to be "hidden" using a software feature bundled with the phone.

Essentially, what the software will do is have black bars to both sides of the notch, and thanks to the OLED display in the phone, that part of the screen will be off, making that part of the phone basically non-existent. The P20 still uses that area for the notification bar, but it is possible that OnePlus will even move the notification bar below the bezel in order to give it a more traditional look.

Personally, I don't mind the bezels as it really does give you an immersive feel as the phone is essentially all display, especially on the iPhone X. If you get the OnePlus 6, will you hide the notch immediately or will you give it a try?

via XDA