OnePlus 5T devices have been sold out in North America, and OnePlus has no intention of restocking them. Engadget got official word from OnePlus directly, who said that it "has sold every OnePlus 5T it made for the North American market, and well ahead of schedule to boot" with no plans to restock the device. If you're interested in a OnePlus 5T, you might be able to grab one on Amazon — but don't expect availability to last much longer, as it's been rapidly decreasing (and its price increasing)

There have been rumors of a OnePlus 6 to be coming up, and it seems more likely than ever now that the 5T is being phased out from the market. According to the Engadget conversation with the company, Kyle Kiang, the head of global marketing said for anyone looking to buy a OnePlus phone: wait until the release of the company's next flagship.

Why can't OnePlus just bring devices from other markets to fill the North American gap? The issue comes out too AC adapters, "swapping them out would've been too cumbersome" according to a OnePlus spokesperson when talking with Engadget. OnePlus's general plan is to get a new device out in the world sometime in May or June of this year, but no set in stone time frame or information on device specifications or features. For the time being, we will continue to post any updates or notable rumors on the OnePlus 6, so stay tuned!

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via XDA