The OnePlus 5 came out earlier this year, not too long ago. This didn't stop OnePlus from releasing the new 5T, which had a couple of key hardware differences from the OnePlus 5, which includes some differences such as the screen and home button, a physical home button with a fingerprint scanner, similar to the iPhone X and a larger screen with a taller aspect ratio; similar to the iPhone X and Galaxy S8.

One of the most notable new features on the OnePlus 5T was actually software related; this was the facial recognition security feature. Although the face unlock feature works similarly to that of the iPhone X, OnePlus's implementation is less secure. OnePlus 5 owners just recently got an Android Oreo software update, but they are in for more of a surprise; Face Unlock support is coming to the OnePlus 5T.

Since the hardware in the OnePlus 5 and the 5T is not too different, it is not surprising to see that the new facial recognition feature will be coming to the OnePlus 5 soon. From what can be told from the new Android Oreo update that already rolled out to OnePlus 5 users, it does not seem that the new feature has been included, but if you already updated let us know in the comments if you see the option to use the facial recognition feature.

via Android Police