According to sources in the OnePlus 3 closed beta group, OnePlus have released a closed beta of Android 8.0 Oreo for testing, and they aim to have an open beta ready by the end of September. While the existing build seems to have a number of bugs and issues (as you'd expect with an initial beta build), it shows the commitment that OnePlus has to providing swift device updates: which will undoubtedly reassure existing owners of the OnePlus 3 and 3T.

The list of issues includes:

  • Issues with hotspot functionality (inconsistency, limited range etc)
  • Lack of working NFC
  • Issues with WiFi connection stability
  • Issues with Bluetooth functionality

According to other members of the closed beta program, these issues may take longer to patch than initially anticipated – meaning the first public open beta may launch after September. However, this means that it's more likely that the open betas for the OnePlus 3T and the OnePlus 5 launch alongside it.

OnePlus have undoubtedly done a great job preparing this update swiftly. Android Oreo only hit AOSP just over a week ago, meaning the OnePlus dev team has been hard at work trying to optimise the software for their devices. This undoubtedly demonstrates the maturing of OnePlus as a company – from an ex-Oppo startup team with a single device to a full-fledged company committed to providing software support for legacy devices. I would definitely say that this is an exciting time to be a OnePlus fan.

What do you think? Were you already eagerly anticipating an update for your device, or had you given up on OnePlus providing long-term device support? Let us know in the comments or post your thoughts in the forums!