Thanks in large part to recognised enthusiast and developer akhilnarang, this port of LineageOS 15 has arrived for the OnePlus 3 and the 3T. As two of the most mod-friendly and enthusiast-targeted devices on the market, it's no surprise that this first build has arrived on our doorsteps only a week after the launch of Android Oreo.

However, as we've come to expect from early alpha ports of LineageOS, there are a number of bugs and issues that need fixing. These include the regular stability issues as well as some other hardware and software issues, like:

  • The camera is inoperative
  • The alert slider is not functioning
  • Bluetooth functionality is currently unavailable
  • Screen off gestures aren't currently functioning.

This list of bugs and issues is awfully similar to those which we have seen and documented in other LineageOS alpha builds- showing a common trend in OS-wise bugs that require patching. This is, in fact, great news – it means that once the bug is fixed, most devices should instantly have restored functionality, with little to no additional work or patching required. All things considered, this is a solid first alpha that shows a lot of promise – both in terms of swift rate of development and a feature complete build. You can grab it here

What do you think? Will you test out this early alpha? Are you hyped for the consolidation of these builds into a cohesive package? Let us know what you think in the comments, or post your thoughts on our forums!