The Mobile World Congress is always packed with exciting Android device unveilings, and didn't disappoint this year. Samsung's new flagship Galaxy S9 and S9+ devices were both revealed, as well as some Sony and Asus products. On top of these unveilings, both the NVIDIA Shield TV and Xiaomi Mi Box were seen running the highly anticipated Android TV Oreo update.

Android Oreo for Android TV's was announced months ago, but Google did not state when we could expect to see real-world devices shipped with the Android TV update. Here's a small clip showing what the new interface design looks like:

The Senior Vice President of Xiaomi also sent out tweet about the Android TV update and Google Assistant being brought to their Xiaomi boxes:

With Android TV, Google Assistant is already integrated on Xiaomi set-top boxes. Now we have announced that we will be working with @Google to bring all the capabilities of Google Assistant to life on Xiaomi smartphones. Do look forward to an amazing user experience!

Android Oreo being released for Android TV's has not yet received a confirmed date, but seeing these devices showcased at MWC it is a good sign that it could be anytime now. You can read about all of the features that Android TV provides on the official website, which also includes a list of support devices.

What do you think? Are you excited to see a new clean interface for Android TV devices? Let us know in the comments below!

via XDA