iOS 11 was the biggest update to iOS since iOS 7, and that clearly shows. There are new features squeezed everywhere, new animations and a new look. The famous tweak developer LaughingQuoll has developed the so-called "Eleven" tweak bundle which brings many of the loved iOS 11 features to older iOS versions which do have a jailbreak publicly available. NotificationCenterXI is the latest addition to his portfolio of tweaks.

NotificationCenterXI (NCXI) brings the iOS 11 Cover Sheet to iOS 10. IF you're a fan of the Lock Screen & Notification Centre merge, then this tweak is for you. It aims at replicating the iOS 11 experience to even the smallest details. As a reminder, iOS 11 brought changes like organising notifications in a different way, a new look mimicking the lock screen and more (what you see below is not the lock screen, but NCXI in action)

The tweak is available on the default BigBoss repository and can be downloaded by following the link below. It's compatible with all iOS 10 versions which have been jailbroken and it costs only one dollar, which is less than you'd pay for a Starbucks. LaughingQuoll also has more tweaks bringing iOS 11 features to iOS 10, so you can check them out as well.

What do you think? Do you like the changes iOS 11 brought, an do you want them on your iOS 10 device? Let us know in the comments below!