There has been an ongoing trend on the internet about enabling dark themes which are easier on the eyes and are considered "cool looking" by many enthusiasts. As Apple doesn't include a built-in option for changing the app themes to dark, the jailbreak community has stepped in as usual by delivering the tweak called Nocturne made by Tony Ciroussel.

This tweak lets you change the theme of the to a dark one. Unfortunately, as this tweak is still in beta, this is the only app that can be themed at the moment with others resulting in their normal, bright white colour like the ones below:

The tweak, unfortunately, has no additional settings, and it doesn't add a preference panel in the as there is nothing to configure at the moment.

It's possible that we could see accent settings, in-depth colour settings and individual app filtering in the future but at the moment it's either what's pre-configured or nothing.

While the tweak has only been tested on iOS 9, it works as expected on iOS 10 without any bugs or misbehaving. The developer noted that it should work as expected on all iOS versions from iOS 7 and up, which all share the same architecture behind the scenes.

If you want to give Nocturne a try to play around with it and see the results for yourself, you can download it from Ciroussel's private repository for free, or download the source code from GitHub and fork it yourself.

Will you wait for the tweak to leave the beta phase and bring us more features? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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