That's right. The unreleased console has already been hacked and a lot of things have been discovered. The most interesting one is probably that both the NES Classic and the SNES Mini are very similar when it comes to hardware and are mostly repackaged machines with emulators built-in.

That sounds boring, however, this means that SNES Mini games are able to run on the NES Classic hardware which may be already present in your living room. The NES Classic hacking tool, hackchi2 has allowed the hacker madmonkey1907 to run SNES Mini games on his NES Classic.

This may not be a groundbreaking discovery, but it's surely an interesting and fun one. It may even save you a few bucks depending on if you were planning to buy the upcoming SNES Mini. The best part? You can already run those games on your NES Classic by downloading the SNES Mini system dump. The bad part? We can't link it for obvious reasons.

As reported by there is no reason for the NES Classic firmware to be able to run on the SNES Mini once it's released unless Nintendo specifically patches the system and firmware to reject all other firmware, but this is highly unlikely and would probably be hacked anyway.

What do you think? Do you plan on buying the SNES Mini? Or maybe you own the NES Classic and thought about flashing the leaked firmware onto it? Let us know in the comments!