Google has been experimenting with the Google Search app and the Google Feed since the release of the original Pixel devices. The app went from round to square, opaque to transparent to even weirder things as Google tries to make up its mind.

The latest weirdness is a round Google Search bar at the top of your Feed.

The left image shows the new design while the right image shows the old, current one. The change is minor and not noticeable by the majority of users, however, changes to the UI of devices is always exciting and as the Google app is a part of many home screens out there, it's no wonder people are curious about what's going on.

The bar has appeared for some users before, however, it mysteriously disappeared. It's not back, but once again, not for everyone. Google is using the A/B testing method where only a handful of users see the change with the vast majority having the regular design.

What's unfortunate is that there is no known way of enabling the new design if you want it so you have to hope for the best that the A/B testing hits your device and enabled the functionality which is likely already installed but disabled on your device.

While not breathtaking, seeing things happening with the Google Feed is always appreciated. Unless Google changes its mind, the new design should be available on all devices in the coming weeks, judging by previous A/B tests performed by Google.

What are your thoughts? Excited to see changes to the Google Feed? We'd love to hear your opinion so let us know in the comments below!

via Android Police