When iOS 7 was released, it brought with it a new direction for iOS. The icons were completely redesigned, depth was added to the user interface, and skeuomorphism died off to be replaced with a flat design, with blurred accents. The direction Apple was headed in was a breath of fresh air to many, while others were intrigued and took the direction even further.

It didn't take long for someone to come up with something that only the jailbreak community could deliver on. User Experience Architect Jay Machalani, took the community by storm in May of 2014 with an incredibly detailed and thought-out concept that would eventually evolve into iOS Blocks.


A developer, by the name of Matt Clark, took up the project after it gained some popularity in the community. Unfortunately, it was a lot more than he could take on combined with his university load. He decided to open source it and let other developers figure it out from there. He had made a lot of progress, if it were not for him, we probably wouldn't have a working beta as we do now.

Andy Wiik, of the iOSCreatix team, picked up the project a few months after and has been slowly updating it. It's not exactly a small project so he has been releasing incremental as-is updates to keep the community happy. Andy has some other projects on his plate including Horseshoe, which is a consolidated Control Center, as well as helping other developers with their tweaks. He recently posted a thread on Reddit, detailing the most recent update. This will be his sixth major update to the project since taking it over.

Here are the changes:

  • Basic iOS 10 Support
  • Fixes 3D Touch Bug on iOS 10
  • Added Weather Block (Requires location access)
  • Added Fitness Block
  • Added Cydia block
  • Added Calendar Block
  • Added MobileSMS Block
  • Added Clock Block
  • Fixed Blocks disappearing on 3D Touch.
  • Fixed random labels appearing in places
  • Removed several swear words from the source code that I had previously typed in frustration

Special note from the Creatix team:

"We will only be accepting issues via the Issue Tracker on GitHub in order to keep the project organized. If you do not have a GitHub account you will need to make one in order to submit an issue. Please remember to include your device and iOS Version when submitting an issue"

The Issue Tracker that iOS Creatix were talking about can be found by following this link and the tweak can be downloaded from the link below.