Smartphones with large displays can be difficult to use one-handed depending on where your desired action is located on the screen. Basic functions like scrolling and tapping near the center of the device are effortless, but if you need to select an item in the upper left or right corners of the display, that can prove challenging.

Certain manufacturers offer a "one-handed" mode for their smartphones, but the feature is not an industry standard just yet. For example, you have "Reachability" available on the iPhone, but Google's latest flagship device, the Pixel 2 XL, does not offer a comparable feature.

If you have a large phone and would like to implement this functionality on your device, the always reliable folks over at XDA have been working on an app that brings the feature to many Android smartphones. The app is called "One-Handed Mode."

The app works just as the name entails. It's designed to help you easily reach the status bar at the top of your phone or the top buttons of any application. A floating on-screen bubble allows the user to start "One-Handed Mode" whenever they want. Once active, content on the display shifts downward making everything easier to reach with one hand, in a similar fashion to Reachability mode on iOS, or One-Handed mode on Windows 10 Mobile (if anyone remembers that). The floating bubble will be present on the display wherever the user chooses to place it on-screen but can be hidden entirely until the user wants to activate the feature again.

The biggest draw to XDA's latest app is that it doesn't require root. According to XDA, this is the only application on the Google Play Store that brings this functionality without requiring the device to be rooted.

One Handed Mode is available on any Android phone running Android 4.3 or later. You can download the application from the Google Play store:

Will you be downloading One Handed Mode on your device? Drop a comment below and let us know how the app performs for you.


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