Earlier this year, Nintendo Switch modders reported the existence of a NES emulator embedded within the Switch's firmware, which existed for a sole purpose – playing golf. The discovery made was that the 1984 NES game "Golf", which was coded by the late Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata, is packaged as a system application inside the Switch called "flog" (as an Easter egg) and can only be accessed on July 11th – the day of Iwata's death. Just over a fortnight after the initial discovery, the team of modders and developers over at switchbrew have figured out how to run the game on any Switch, anytime.

Installing this tweak requires having a hackable version of the Switch's firmware installed (3.0.0 or lower). The script itself, which was added to the Pegaswitch repository by developer jam1garner, allows you to modify the system time of the Switch at will – meaning you can easily set it to July 11th and keep it there if you're a golf addict or a nostalgia junkie.

To install the script:

  1. Get all the scripts from the Pegaswitch repository (which we've linked below)
  2. ‎Host Pegaswitch with Node 2.
  3. Set the Switch's DNS to the IP address of your PC.
  4. ‎Connect the Switch, then run: 
    evalfile ./usefulscripts/setRtc.js.

Now, you should be able to easily change the system date and time. After changing the date, all you need to do is perform a specific move with the joycon controllers: the "Nintendo direct" move, which you can see performed here by Iwata himself:

While it's great to see Easter eggs, especially one as heartfelt as this one, see the light of day, we're also excited to see the potential that this embedded NES emulator has for future development and game emulation projects. For all we know, this could give way to the most stable and fully-functional NES emulator we've ever seen on another console.

What do you guys think? Fancy a game of golf? Or are you excited for more NES emulation prospects on the Switch to become clear over the next few weeks? Let us know in the comments, or post over on the forums with your thoughts.

via Wololo