Myriam has just received an update bumping it to version 4.0 and has been released on Cydia. The update adds bugfixes and a new Touch ID module for Touch ID exploitation education.

As some of you may already know, Myriam is an iOS application for learning about exploitation about iOS. It contains security challenges for BEGINNER iOS Hackers so that these beginners have a starting point where they can develop their skills on realiOS applications, with a variety of challenges crafted to be easy yet challenging. There are challenges of both hard and easy level so everyone should find something useful.

The official changelog includes:

  • Touch ID Bypass: This new challenge is a bit harder, for beginners that are able to catch the easy ones. It involves a secret area that can be accessed via Touch ID (fingerprint). Myriam blocked the option so if you Touch ID there, it will tell you that you will have to try to bypass the mechanism. The mechanism uses Apple's Local Authentication Framework to communicate with SEP (Secure Enclave Processor) and securely authenticate you (Take this as a HINT! for what you need to look for). Once bypassed, the "Access Secret Area" has to redirect to the secret area instead of spawning Touch ID authentication.

  • Now available in Cydia Yes, following popular request, Myriam is now available on ModMyI Repo in Cydia but it is also still available as an IPA on my GitHub.

Other features include:

  • Jailbreak Detection. The application has a strong Jailbreak Detection mechanism that you can patch to trick the application into thinking it is not Jailbroken and to discover the secret page of it only available after you did that properly.

  • Activation Status (for beginners) it is a simple menu that will return the fact that the application is not activated (you don't really need to activate the app, it is completely free), you have to patch that module to trick the app into saying it is in fact activated for your name.

  • Authentication: The app has an authentication module with name and password. Only a specific name and a specific password would return the message for the correct scenario. You want to patch the module so that the app would accept any username and any password.

  • In-App Resources: Like most of the apps, Myriam app has resources. Sometimes you want to modify such things in games or in apps. In this case, the module has the Myriam Logo that you need to change. Of course, the logo is not saved as a png file somewhere in the IPA, so it is not that easy ;)

  • In-App Data: The application includes a small article that can't be changed in one of its modules, you need to force-change the content so that it shows anything else (whatever you want).

  • Variable Modification: It contains a bunch of variables, for example, your iOS Version, your device type, whether you have Cydia and bash installed or not, you have to patch all these to return other values than the default ones generated by detection inside Myriam. It also has a switch that once you toggle, with pop a message. You have to change the content of the message or to disable the alert completely without breaking the toggle functionality. It also includes a slider like the one used for brightness. This one controls a value in the interface (a number that increases or decreases by sliding), you have to patch it so that it will only increase the counter with 1 instead of a bigger number at a time.

Myriam can be downloaded from the ModMyi default repository, or as an IPA from GeoSn0w's Github Repository from the links below.