One of the ways Mozilla is trying to achieve that is with their new rendering engine. Servo is the engine that will one day replace Gecko that's currently used in stable versions of Firefox, but as Servo is still far from being finished, Mozilla took the best parts of it and implemented it into Gecko and called it Project Quantum.

As per the Speedometer 2.0 web browser benchmark, it places Quantum at a rate of two times faster than Firefox was just a year ago.

This video shows a comparison between both Firefox Quantum and Google Chrome, on many popular sites such as Google search, YouTube, and Instagram. Firefox Quantum wins in several cases but loses in others. Either way, it's pretty damn close and shows that Mozilla matters once again, after years of obsolence.

Seeing Firefox once again trying to rise to the forefront is exciting. Chrome, while useful, has often become a bogged down, resource-heavy mess which can be very painful to use at times, and snappier browsers like Microsoft Edge just lack the feature set which is today considered a standard.

Quantum will be implemented into the Firefox 57 release, which is slated to be out for the general public on November 14th. Meanwhile, you can download the beta for your desired system if you're willing to deal with some minor issues.

You can download the beta for Desktop systems here while the Android version can be found here. The iOS version does not include Gecko, which means that it won't benefit from the speed improvements due to Apple's stupid restrictions.

Will you be ditching Chrome for Firefox? Seems tempting. Let us know what you think down below in the comments section.

via xda-developers