The old adage goes "better late than never", and nowhere does that hold more true than with regards to software updates. While Motorola's 2015 flagship offering Moto X Pure was a popular phone on launch and offered solid hardware, its enthusiast pedigree was let down by a lack of updates – while it's predecessors often managed to deliver Android updates promptly (sometimes even faster than the competing Nexus series), some phones of this generation from Motorola were well and truly left hanging out to dry without any update support whatsoever – such as the Moto X Pure. But finally, over a year after the initial release of Android Nougat, it has been released for the now 2-year old Moto X Pure.

In late July, Motorola released the 7.0 Nougat update for the Moto X Pure in Brazil (where it's known as the Moto X Style). This had already been an extremely long wait from Google's original Nougat announcement. A few days later, Motorola uploaded the Nougat source code for the Pure Edition. And now, nearly two months later, we're finally getting reports of Moto X Pure Editions in the United States receiving the update.

Users have reportd that this has been the first update to the device since the September 2016 security patch, meaning the device was left dated and vulnerable to critical security flaws such as BroadPwn for over a year, which can be considered highly underwhelming and disappointing from what was once a leader in providing prompt and high-quality Android updates. We hope that this update is a sign of Motorola seeking to buck this new trend and hoping to return to their old ways, but as of now it remains yet to be seen.