It's debatable if the future portrayed in the movies of the 70s and 80s has become a reality in today's society, but one could make the case we are living with the technology Hollywood portrayed decades earlier. We can make and receive calls from our watches, go for a ride in a car that drives itself and control just about any appliance in our home with a telephone and an app. That sounds like the stuff of science fiction.

Home monitoring systems are becoming an integral part of the smart home ecosystem and if you're looking for a serious eye catcher when you have guests over, and one that looks like something out of a sci-fi movie, 1-Ring Inc's latest project should be on your radar.

The Moon, is a levitating smart camera that can act as a smart hub for your home. It comes with a floating robotic eyeball equipped with a wide-angle lens embedded in a sphere comprised of rubber, aluminum and plastic. The eyeball floats above a square base, and while airborne can provide a 360-degree scan of whatever room it's located in. The free companion app can be used to control the machine remotely.

The Moon can detect sound and motion in the room and automatically snap a photo, record a video or respond in another user defined way. The device can also be used as a communication device as it is equipped with noise-cancelling microphones and a speaker to be used for video chat.

The Moon can also detect temperature, humidity, CO2 and light, allowing it to notify you whenever it is time to let in some fresh air or turn on the air conditioner. Additionally, it can communicate this data to your other smart home devices. An integrated IR blaster controls legacy appliances like your stereo or television.

When separated from its base unit, the sphere can be attached to a metal surface and operate from there. 1-Ring states the Moon can stream HD video for at least five hours when disconnected from the base. The Sphere is charged wirelessly by the base when it is levitating. The Moon will be compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, while Apple HomeKit support is still to be determined.

Photos and video recordings from the Moon can be uploaded to cloud services like Google Drive and Dropbox, saved to an FTP server or saved to a microSD card.

Currently, the Moon is a crowdfunded project with shipments scheduled to go out in March of 2018 for backers of the product. There is a standard package for $209 that includes the Moon camera unit and base. A "Galaxy Package" which includes a solo camera unit, standard camera unit with base pairing and a flexible camera arm for $348. A camera unit and flexible arm only are available for $149. Head over to if you're interested in supporting this project.

Is the Moon a smart device you would be willing to utilize in your home or office? Drop a comment below and let us know what you think.

Via AndroidPolice