It's that time of year again. The surroundings are orange from the fallen leaves of autumn and everything is cold and dark. Very dark.

It's the month of Halloween, the most fun holiday of them all! We've all been waiting for this and it's finally here, so we thought we might do something fun.

We're hosting a contest for the best pumpkin people can come up with, however, not just any ordinary pumpkin. We want to see the craziest, ridiculous and absurd pumpkins you can come up with!

But what fun would it be if we didn't participate? Here is our amazing RGB Chroma ModMyPumpkin!

There is also a prize for the winner. The person who can come up and materialise the craziest pumpkin will win 100USD and a showcase as the winner on our site! Of course, we will include some honourable mentions.


In order to join the fun and compete for the prize, you need to do a couple of things our way, so it's fair for everyone.

  • Pumpkins have to be made entirely by you. The only thing you don't have to do is grow the pumpkin yourself.

  • You can co-operate with other people on a pumpkin, however, you can't claim something you didn't actually do yourself.

  • You need to use the hashtag #ModMyPumpkin in order to be qualified if you're doing the challenge on Instagram or Twitter. If you're using YouTube you need to include #ModMyPumpkin in the title of your video

  • You have to host your creation online. Approved platforms include YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.

Generally, just be a decent person so everyone can have fun! There may be changes to the rules along the way if the ModMyTeam sees the need to adjust it, but hopefully, that doesn't happen.

Some examples

Lately, the YouTuber Bitwit published something that really got our attention. An awesome RGB Computer built inside of a pumpkin! How cool is that? Take a look below:

This is a great example of some out-of-the-box thinking, and we love that! Another cool idea isn't even related to tech. It's a pumpkin with a sticking our brain and slime coming out of its mouth made by DaveHax.

Good luck!

Let's show the world our creativity with #ModMyPumpkin! Remember the most important rule here: have fun!

The contest ends on the 15th of November.