The Google Home Mini is a terrific device, with only one real downside – its volume output is miniature, just like its name. A YouTube channel called SnekTek decided they would tackle this problem with a sweet but simple hardware modification: adding a much needed auxiliary port.

These are the general steps they took to get the auxiliary port installed on the Google Home Mini (see video below for more detailed step-by-step process):

  • You begin by heating up the device so that the orange piece can peel off
  • Next, unscrew the bottom part of the device to separate it
  • Drill a hole in the enclosure of the device where you will place the auxiliary port
  • Install a small auxiliary port in the very limited internal space (not a lot of options here)
  • Connect that to the internal audio cables
  • Lastly, put all of the pieces together and test the final result

The process enables you to connect any speaker to the device and access powerful audio output! It's a sweet hack that can be done with very few tools and supplies. Quite honestly if you happen to have the tools and a few hours to kill, you could probably do the entire process yourself with minimal complications. They do also mention in the video that their goal wasn't to make things perfect, they just want it to work. So if you are interested in making the hack more aesthetically pleasing, there is certainly room to improve that.

The video is quite entertaining, you can watch the whole tutorial right here to see how it's done:

It isn't necessarily the easiest to follow, but it does glide over each of the steps that are required to install the headphone jack and get it working.

Let us know what you think of it in the comments below.

via Android Police