Scene developer BigBoss, or psxdev (whichever alias you prefer) recently demonstrated what may be the first public native homebrew solution for the PS4. The homebrew, based off of the backup game execution technique that was recently showcased by developer Zecoxao, is little more than a basic demo that affirms that controller input and 2D rendering are fully functional. However, what this homebrew does demonstrate is the potential that lies in latent homebrew utilities for the PS4 in the future.

psxdev's Homebrew demo is run by using the aforementioned backup game running technique to hijack the launch process of The Playroom, the AR demo/game that is bundled with the PS4. It is, nonetheless, worth noting that running this homebrew requires a jailbroken PS4 – a very rare entity.

The PS4 jailbreak is currently only available on firmware 1.76, which is now 3 years old and scarcely to be found; and as firmware downgrades on the PS4 are still exceptionally difficult (if not flat-out impossible), being able to run/use this public homebrew is not as easy as hitting "download". While there is speculation over a jailbreak or kernel exploit release for firmware 4.x.x, nothing has materialised as of yet, leaving many users stuck in an agonising wait.

Additionally, psxdev released a minimalist PS4 homebrew development library named "liborbis" (get it?), which you can find here. While it isn't a lot of use for the majority of users and modders who do not have jailbroken PS4s, it does open the door for easier homebrew development once the kernel exploit hurdle has been overcome.

What do you think? Are you excited to see the potential for more PS4 homebrew utilities in the future? Drop a comment below or post over in our forums with your thoughts.

Via Wololo