After almost 2 months in beta, Microsoft Edge has been released to the egenral public on Android, amidst a series of updates ssued from Redmond. The mobile browser was launched recently in an attempt to better synchronise mobile services on iOS and Android with Windows 10, and integrate Microsoft products with other mobile platforms. Aside from the label removal, there are also a few other key additions, such as the inclusion of password syncing and dark theme support.

You can now login with your Microsoft account within the browser to allow for password synchronisation; meaning you can store your passwords on Microsoft Edge on your PC and login with the same accounts on your Android device without having to re-enter your password. The other notable feature addition is dark theme; and if you've been a fan of ModMy for a little while now (or you can see the site around you), you would know that we love dark themes. As well as being easier on the eyes and saving battery on AMOLED displays, we think they generally look better across the board. And while you may or may not agree, that's OK – having the option is the best part. You can toggle this feature in settings. It isn't perfect yet – you can see in the above image that the "top Stories" box is still white, but on the whole it's a solid first implementation that we're hoping to see improved over the course of the next few weeks.

Microsoft Edge has an extensive range of benefits across the board if you use a Windows PC, such as Continue on PC – a feature that allows users to continue where they left off browsing on their PC, or on their phone. Aside from that, it's grown into a snappy, fluid and good looking browser over the course of its beta period, so if you haven't tried it already, it's worth giving a shot. You can grab it from the Google Play Store below:

via AP

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