Messenger Lite is facebooks alternative to the original Messenger app. It has less "unnecessary" features, it uses less data, it's lighter and performs better. It's mainly targeting users of low-end devices who have troubles running the original version of Messenger, however, a lot of users have reported that running this ap on flagship devices may be a good idea as it drastically reduces battery consumption and improves the performance of the device.

The app has now been released for users in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Ireland, which indicates that Facebook may no longer want to limit this app to second or third world countries who usually have weaker devices.

Facebook is not really known for making lightweight applications as their apps have been reported to drain insane amounts of battery and slow down devices equally much. This is why Facebook released the Facebook Lite and the Messenger Lite applications (making a new app instead of fixing the old one). These apps include fewer features and less polish than the main apps, however, they are more than enough for the majority of us. Lots of users have been complaining that Facebook is implementing useless features in Facebook and Messanger, so this shouldn't hinder your workflow unless you use the Snapchat ripoff features.

Most basic functions like calling, sending messages and stuff you actually use messaging apps for should work.

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