To many it seems, a new year means a new music app from Apple. With the introduction of the iOS 10 music app, many were discontented with the changes that Apple introduced. For instance, it made the shuffle button less obvious, a change which annoyed many users, it replaced the traditional post-iOS 7 application design scheme with an emphasis on bold typography, it also seemed to take more taps to get to places that were once obvious, and just made things more confusing in the eyes of many users.

That's where an iOS tweak development team, known as Dynastic Development comes in. The main developer, who goes by the pseudonym "AppleBetas," too was annoyed with the changes that Apple introduced, and saw a need for this tweak in the community as well. Here's what he had to say about it:

"When I first got my hands on the iOS 10 beta, one of the things I was the most disappointed in was the new Music app. It was a mix of huge, ugly, bold fonts and everything was just white. I really liked the design of the Music app in iOS 9, and apparently so did a lot of other people. When I saw a tweak request post with tons of upvotes, I realized how many people actually wanted it, and decided to take it on as a project."

Project developers, nullpixel and AppleBetas, see this as a major upgrade to the music app experience even though it's "going back a year". Overall, it seeks to simplify the user interface from the confusing mess of its newer counterpart. Dynastic is most excited about the work they put towards the "Now Playing view" within Melody, screenshots of which can be seen above.

"It presented a ton of challenges and getting it to layout like iOS 9's Music app was extremely difficult, but I am really pleased with the result of it."

When asked about what's next after Melody, AppleBetas plans on finishing up the beta phase, and is aiming for a release within the next month as a paid application, after which, he plans on releasing much smaller tweaks in the foreseeable future, such as his popular tweak, TranslucentMessages, available for free on his Cydia repository.

If you liked to stay tuned on Melody progress and other Dynastic releases, please follow them on their Twitter account, DynasticDevelop.